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  • Health Literacy Studies
    Health Literacy Studies is located in the Department of Society, Human Development, and Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Its site is designed for professionals in health and education who are interested in health literacy.

    Health Literacy Study Circles+
    Each of these 15-hour study circles+ is a professional development curriculum for facilitating study circles with adult literacy teachers who want to help their students develop basic skills in certain areas of health literacy. Each study circle guides teachers to explore the health topic, develop a partnership with a local health agency, and create lessons with their classes.

    Skills for Health Care Access and Navigation
    This unit addresses basic skills needed to access health-related services and navigate health care systems. These skills include filling out forms, following signs, and interpreting rights and responsibilities.

    Skills for Chronic Disease Management
    This unit addresses basic skills needed for students to manage chronic diseases. These skills include reading medicine labels and measuring dosages, following home care instructions, monitoring symptoms, talking to health care providers, and making health care decisions.

    Skills for Disease Prevention and Screening
    This unit addresses skills needed to prevent and screen for diseases. These skills include interpreting risk information and media health messages, understanding consent forms, and making decisions as a team with health care providers.

    For more information about the study circles, read the following article and guide:

    A Conversation with FOB: Learning How to Teach Health Literacy (2005)
    Focus on Basics, 8(A), 3336
    In this interview, Lisa Soricone, one of the authors of the Study Circles+, and Winston Lawrence, a professional development facilitator who piloted the guides, describe the unique approach and content of the study circles and how they were received by the participants.

    Health Literacy in Adult Basic Education: Designing Lessons, Units, and Evaluation Plans for an Integrated Curriculum
    This guide is designed to help adult educators create health literacy curricula, lessons, and evaluation plans. It includes an overview of skills to address, planning templates, and links to sample lessons from the Study Circle+ Guides.


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