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    Bringing Health Literacy Research to Practice (2005)
    This article by Andrew Pleasant and Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi defines and research and evidence-based practice and describes how using research can improve our work in health literacy.

    The Calgary Charter on Health Literacy: Definition and Core Principles for the Development of Health Literacy Curricula
    This charter introduces a revised definition of health literacy and presents basic core principles to be used in developing health curricula. It is the result of an international collaboration of professionals following the Calgary Institute on Health Literacy Curricula in October 2008, co-hosted by the Centre for Literacy of Quebec.

    Health & Literacy Partnerships
    Focus on Basics (2008), 9(B)
    Focus on Basics is a research-to-practice newsletter for adult literacy practitioners. This issue on health and literacy partnerships describes a variety of collaborations between adult literacy programs and health agencies.

    Health Literacy
    Literacy Harvest (2007), 13
    Literacy Harvest is a publication from the Literacy Assistance Center. This issue focuses on health and includes several articles that describe the work of adult literacy practitioners in forming collaborations with health agencies to address health literacy in innovative ways.

    Health Literacy Fact Sheets
    Find a series of fact sheets from the Center for Health Care Strategies that define health literacy, describe its impact on health outcomes, provide strategies for preparing educational materials to assist low-literate consumers, and provide resources for additional health literacy information.

    Life Skills to Life Savings: Health Literacy in Adult Education
    Diehl, S. (2007) Life skills to life saving: Health literacy in adult education. Adult Learning, 15(1/2), 2629.
    This article describes how adult educators can build their students health literacy skills.

    Low Health Literacy: Implications for National Health Care Policy
    Vernon, J. A., Trujillo, A., Rosenbaum, S. & DeBuono, B. (2007). Low health literacy: Implications for national health care policy. Washington, DC: George Washington University School of Public Health and Heath Services. (Center for Health Policy Research Report)
    This report describes the current state of health literacy and the costs of low health literacy on both the health system and society.
    Search for the title on this site: http://www.gwumc.edu/sphhs/index.cfm

    What is Health Literacy?
    This article by Andres Muro gives an overview of health literacy from the perspective of adult literacy educators and learners. It includes information on why adult literacy programs are good partners and how to form collaborations between literacy and health programs.

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